+ 'everyone is counting down the hours until super bowl 46', craig ferguson states, 'or as its officially known, super bowl XLVI.  why do they do that?  i guess because football fans really love deciphering mathematics from ancient things.  its a great match up, of course, the new york giants versus the new england patriots, its a rematch of the unforgettable super bowl 44.  unforgettable because it ended with me sobbing cause i forgot to dvr the puppy bowl on animal planet!  sometimes i wish they would combine the super bowl with the puppy bowl.  i think a lot of people would love to see dogs going after michael vick!  the big reason people love the super bowl is because of the food!  its a great time for eating pizza, burgers, chips and dip.  there's your four food groups right there!  people go all out with the snacks on super bowl sunday.  this year i am making a replica of the palace of versailles out of bologna!  it will be difficult to top last years snack though, when i made the ham-pire state building!  this year's game is expected to be the biggest game in tv history.  so remember car thieves, sunday night is your best bet to get out there and work!'
- rachel bilson
* jonathan ames

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