+ 'its valentine's day, everybody', criag ferguson states, 'yes, its valentines. to the love birds out there, happy valentines day, to single folks out there, congratulations on not wasting money on overpriced garbage.  and to our studio audience, i wrote a poem.  here it is: roses are red, daisies are white, i'm sorry you didn't get in to the price is right.  i would give you some valentines tips, but if you are watching this show, clearly your valentines went poorly...  you know what i find insensitive?  that sports illustrated put out their swimsuit issue out today- on valentines day!  that doesn't seem appropriate.  this magazine full of photographs of busty young women- not today!  that's like handing out free bacon on passover!  its not the time!'
- betty white comes out to make a proposal
= joss stone and dave stewart

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