+ 'its friday!  but not any old friday', craig ferguson shares, 'there's a bunch of movies opening today.  so many, i might be overwhelmed and spend the whole weekend on the couch eating ice cream.  thats what i do when i am overwhelmed.  and when i'm underwhelmed.  and when i'm just whelmed.  one of the movies opening today is star wars: episode 1 in 3D.  there are a lot of people excited about that, i am not.  'now in 3D: jar jar binks crapping all over star wars!'  to be fair though, i bet star wars is different in 3D, the action comes right at you, the special effects make your head spin, the robots are even gayer!  you know the 3D effects are so realistic you can actually see george lucas coming out of the screen and reaching out to take the money from your wallet!'
- chelsea handler
# dan riskin

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