+ 'congratulations, of course, to the new york giants', craig ferguson exclaims, 'it was a great game.  i also liked the half time show with madonna.  she came in carried by an army of muscle bound dudes.  its a good thing she wasn't carried in by the patriots or they would have dropped her!  madonna played a bunch of her hits, she was alright, she was pretty good... i tell ya, that british dude can really sing!  you know what i could have done without though? MIA giving the crowd the finger.  i was like 'what are you doing?!?' this is outrageous, you dont use the finger or use expletives, thats for performers who aren't confident in their own abilities... or possibly have a really atrocious writing staff!  i'm a little concerned thought that we are running out of top shelf music acts for the half time shows.  we've had U2, we had springsteen, prince, a couple years ago we had paul mccartney.  everyone today was talking about the commercials.  remember that one with david beckham in his underwear?  i never quite figured out what that one was for.  i'm thinking it was for some kind of sausage...  at first i thought it was a psa warning about the dangers of plum smuggling... i've watched it like 20 times and i still dont know what it was for.'
- mark harmon
- martha plimpton

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