+ 'if you are like me, you've probably been playing close attention to the big story', craig ferguson admits, 'and the results are in, tonight was a big game changer: yes, it was the best episode of glee yet!  i'm talking about the big florida primary, it was mitt romney vs. newt gingrich.  we are live of course, so congratulations... big winner.  it was probably mitt romney, which is too bad really cause it means rick santorum is out of the race.  santorum says that gingrich is too hot, and romney is too cold, but he's the goldilocks candidate.  and i'm thinking 'yeah, nothing gets voters more excited than comparing yourself to tepid porridge.  politicians have to reach a lot of people in florida, its a very diverse population.  you've got old people there, and then really old people!  that's why the third place in today's primary when to bunion cream!  the republican nomination process still has a long way to go, the winner today gets 50 delegates, but you need 1100 to win the nomination.  and if you get 10,000 points you get three stars on level 8.  wait, that's angry birds, isn't it?  i'll get you yet, helmet pig!'
= ringo starr

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