+ 'not such a great day for mitt romney', craig ferguson shares, 'he won in florida yesterday and then he went and put his foot in his mouth.  he said in an interview today, and i quote, 'i'm not that concerned about the very poor'.  isn't anybody even trying to win this?!?  to be fair, to mitt romney, the very poor is anyone who doesn't use a solid gold toilet.  he's very rich.  anyway, newt gingrich came in second yesterday, but he has vowed to stay in the race.  he has said 'i'm staying in the race no matter what'.  people are comparing him to hillary clinton in 2008.  well, hillary clinton and newt gingrich are very similar, both spent the 90's trying to find out who bill was sleeping with...  they are very similar, and i think they both have the same tailor.'
- william shatner
- kathryn hahn

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