+ 'i'm glad to be back', craig ferguson shares, 'last week i was out doing stand up.  well, i call it stand up, but its just talking.  i was in the south in the midwest.  i always love going out on the road, but its a bit insulting when you see people in the front row trying to change the channel!  i'm like 'i'm right here!'  'its like he's in the room' 'i am in the room!' 'where's fallon?'.  i stayed in some great hotels while i was on the road, and none of them were haunted.  except one!  i cant tell you which one, but it was the hotel deco in omaha nebraska!  it was haunted!  the hotel deco is listed on the national register of historic places, and soon they will be adding a plaque that says 'craig ferguson crapped his pants here!'  i want to be clear, the staff was great, the hotel was fine, it was very friendly.  there was a woman who was standing out front as i was checking in, and she said 'you know this hotel is haunted!'  i told the elevator guy that the woman out there says the place is haunted and he said 'you know, there hasnt been a woman out there in 20 years!'  then i'm in the right place!'
- don cheadle
- andrea riseborough

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