robot skeleton sidekick?

'i was thinking about this', craig ferguson shares, 'because helena bonham carter was on the show last night and the skeleton was here. then she said 'do you have a side kick?' and i said 'well not really' and i put it next to her and i thought: we will make a sidekick! we will make one! we can build our own sidekick! a robot skeleton sidekick! what do you think?!? maybe we can call in experts to make a robot skeleton sidekick and it can say things like 'craig, your the man!', 'thats cold, buddy'. he can say that! this could be a new dawn in late night television that doesnt have any money! i think its a good idea and i told it to the producers today and they said 'no chance', which means it was a good idea! so, stay tuned loyal robot skeleton people who enjoy robot skeletons on tv, cause i'm going to work on this. obviously we've got a ways to go. maybe we will construct a temporary robot skeleton sidekick until we get a full blown one. you know, like when you burst a tire on your car and youve got a little one to get you as far as the shop where they can put a tire on? well, that will be our robot skeleton until we get... you are seeing this show being made as it happens!'
hmmm, will anything come of this? we will have to wait and see!

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