+ 'i'm going to say something controversial here', craig ferguson warns, 'i have mixed feeling about the winter olympics. no, i like watching sports, but some of the events during the winter olympics, theres a little too much posing. the athletes are like runway models posing. i think they cant decide if they are going to spend their time practicing or picking out there outfits. i have a hard time taking an athlete seriously if they are dressed like lady gaga! i must be honest, i'm a little bit skeptical about some of these events because the judging seems a bit arbitrary. it feels like the judges are just picking random scores. sometimes i watch the judges and the results and i'm like 'come on, are you high?!?' and we know you cant judge anything if you are high, unless you are paula abdul.'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: lentejuelas- sequins!

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