+ 'tuesday is marti gras, or as its called fat tuesday', craig ferguson shares, 'i'm thinking about fat tuesday because over the weekend there was a fat related incident. what happened is kevin smith got thrown off an airplane for being... well... not thin. too unsvelt. he is the antithesis of twig like. kevin smith got thrown off a plane for being fat. to be fair, he is... well, lets just say that fat tuesday for kevin smith is just tuesday. no, he's a good friend of the show, kevin, but he would be the first to admit he is fat. anyway, over the weekend kevin was on a southwest airlines flight, he was already buckled into his seat, and someone from the airline, southwest, they asked him to get out of his seat because of his size. i know! i dont like this, is what i'm saying. charging fat people extra because they take up more space is ridiculous, they dont give thin people a discount, do they? they dont give the cast of desperate housewives a discount because they all fit into one seat. if the airline is going to discriminate people, they should discriminate against chatty people, or farty people, or the kid that sits behind you and bangs on the back of your seat. anyway, what i think was a remarkable display of restraint, kevin did not get mad, he just got even. he just mentioned it on the twitter and it caused a huge bruhaha. and i say good for him, i'm with kevin smith on this one!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: sombra- shadow!+ bob saget stops by the help craig answer the emails and tweets
= your lips, your lips (sorry, i couldnt find a link to this band. dont worry though, cause they really suck and you wont want to link to them...)

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