+ 'it's super bowl weekend this weekend', craig ferguson reminds us, 'l.a. doesnt have a football team. apparently the only reason we dont have one is because we dont have a proper stadium. mayor anthony viarosa says we cant afford to renovate the facade of the historic l.a. colosseum. which is a terrible attitude. in l.a., we've got some renovations going on here that we can help with- just look at cher! now, since l.a. doesnt have a team, i've sort of become a fan of the san diago chargers. which is good and bad cause if you follow the chargers during the regular season its all right, but come the playoffs- you are heart broken. every january we cope with the sudden demise of the team. its that disappointment. its kind of like being vin diesel around oscar time, you kind of know its coming, but still... now, cbs is expecting about a bazillian people to watch the super bowl on sunday. its the most watched event on tv, the super bowl. its nice to see that during this harsh partisan time, when americans dont see eye to eye on anything, we can all agree to sit down and watching two groups of huge men kicking the shit out of each other. get it done!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: resaca- hangover!
+ tim meadows reports from miami about the super bowl
- claire danes
- jill scott

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