+ 'the big story today is that this is the birthday of the 14th century astronomer copernicus!', informs craig ferguson, 'the media goes nuts once a year for the birthday of copernicus, born on this day in 1473 blah blah blah, they are always talking about it. i'm sure you are sick of hearing about it now. tmz is sending reporters back to the 15th century to follow copernicus as he gets out of a restaurant and walking over to his horse or something... apparently copernicus did date a lot of people back then, he was the tiger woods of his day. he was gorgeous! he was so good looking i want to give him a coperna-kiss! alright alright. in five years of lame humor, never have we seen a joke as lame as this, but i liked it, so there. copernicus, of course, is famous for his comprehensive heliocentric cosmology. thats a fancy way of saying that the earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around. i hate it when people use fancy language to dress up something simple like that. like when someone says 'mens longform figure skating' and what they really mean is 'gay pride parade'. just say what it is!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: aspiradora- vacuum cleaner!