+ 'the super bowl yesterday was the most watched program in the history of tv!', craig ferguson exclaims, 'more people watched it than the finaly of m*a*s*h, than who shot j.r.?, than the slap chop infomercial. 106 million people! that more than one in three americans watched it! what?!? a lot of people watched that game yesterday, which is not good news if you are a member of the indianapolis colts, it hurts to have millions of americans watch you embarass yourself on television. i know. well, not millions... you know the saints have that slogan 'who dat?'. no, thats their slogan: who dat? i know it doesnt sound good in my accent... it means as in 'who dat going to beat dem saints?'. anyway, today the saints fans are just saying 'who dat?' cause they are so drunk they cant see the person in front of them. they have gotten the super bowl fever this week, and next week is marti gras- so for the next month new orleans will be on a wild uncontrollable bender! they are going drinking, going crazy, right now on bourbin street the party is already under way. you know you live in a party town when they have streets named after alcohol. in the french quarter it goes bourbin street, jello shots avenue, and then vomit lane. and if you make it to beer goggles blvd, youve gone too far!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: brisa- breeze!
- pierce brosnan
= patty griffin

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