+ 'as you probably know', criag ferguson says, 'i have a twitter account. and you can follow me at craigyferg. and if you join and follow me on twitter you become part of my robot skeleton army. you can dress like this if you want! its not compulsary.' craig points to kunal nayyar, who plays raj on 'the big bang theory', who is dressed up like a robot, complete with blinking lights and everything! 'when you follow me on twitter you dont have to dress up like that. once all my followers join me on twitter we will all live in a hollowed out volcano and dress like that! you know what happened today? i have been starting to have an argument with grant imuhara from mythbusters because he has a robot cat army. the robot cat army and the robot skeleton army are trying to reach a peace agreement, but its not looking good!'
+ criag's spanish word of the day: sobreviviente- survivor!

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