+ 'its not such a great day for another country, greece', craig ferguson shares, 'greece are in trouble. not the musical, i'm talking about the country. the musical is doing great, but the country of greece in southeastern europe is in a huge economical crisis. theyve got a general strike going on. that means no trains, no busses, huge slabs of lamb kabob are spinning, theyve got no one to cut them. to be honest, i saw this comming. they dont take care of anything, the always throw their plates, smashing them, half their buildings are in ruins. they do, they smash their plates at greek weddings, the yell 'oprah!', i have no idea what oprah has to do with greek wedding. you know, if you are in a bit of financial trouble greece, you can give oprah a call... its sad that greece is in trouble, theyve given the world so many great things over the years: democracy, thats from greece, philosophy, that came from greece. with out greece there would be no olympics. of course, the olympics were a bit different from the modern olympics. ancient greek olympics were all male, the competed in the nude, and they were covered in olive oil. go on, laugh at history why dont you. they were nude and covered in olive oil. thats how they invented the pole vault, i'm sure. they were covered in olive oil, it was meant to be the 100 yard dash, and everyone got excited, and...'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: coro- chorus!
- gabourey sibide
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> jeff stilson

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