+ 'there's big news from the world of movies', craig ferguson shares, 'legendary movie producer roger corman is making a movie for the syfy channel. but not just any movie, i've very excited about this, its a movie about a half shark, half octopus- shartopus! thats what its called! take that avatar! roger corman, if you dont know, he's the king of the low budget film making. he's famous for cheap sets, second hand costumes, bad lighting... did he produce this show by any chance? he didnt just produce movies, he directed some too, movies like 'creature from the haunted sea', 'attack of the crab monsters'. actually, they are going to remake 'attack of the crab monsters', the whole movie will take place in the dark underworld of bret michael's pants. i love roger corman because he is not shy about making knock off versions of popular movies. after the terminator came out he made a movie called 'termination man'. thats awesome! then after star wars he made 'battle beyond the stars'. anyway, he always copies the movies, roger corman, he always picks up and copies them. after spider man he made 'spider fella', after titanic he made 'big sinky boat'...'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: pulpo- octopus!
- helena bonham carter man, she is one crazy woman- i like her!

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