+ wavey the crocadilio races onto the screne 'sorry if i'm moving too quickly for ya! i'm practicing my snowboarding! yeah! i was watching the snowboarding on the lympics. some people call them the o-lympics. but thats because i think they originated in ireland. people in ireland put the letter 'O' in front of everything, like 'do you want to watch the o'lympics?' no thanks, i'll just watch the lympics! well it was awesome! i was watching the competitors and there is a genuine feeling of camaraderie. i was watching lindsey vonn and she was watching the other girls who were falling over and she was genuinely concerned, like the beautiful snow angel she is! like, if i was in a skiing competition and the others were falling over, i would be like 'yeah, fucker!' thats right, i said it! uh oh! uh oh! the crocadilio cussed! thats right, you know why? because this crocadilio is a bad crocadilio. a bad crocadilio tends to use naughty words. i'm sorry if i upset your delicate sensibilities. but if your sensibilities are so delicate, what are you doing up at this time of night? maybe you should be getting some sleep so you can wake up in the morning so you can oppress other people with your sanctimonious whining!'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: nieve- snow!
+ morgan freeman's guide to the winter olympics

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