+ 'if you are tuning in tonight to hear about latest airline news', craig ferguson informs us, 'then tonight is your lucky night. american airlines was in the news today. they used to have a big business connection with cbs, american airlines. but they dont any more. tough luck for you, american airlines! they announced today that they are going to be charging the customers eight bucks for a blanket. eight bucks for a blanket! that didnt happen when you used to be with cbs! i dont know if thats true... anyway, if you dont want to pay, i've got an idea, you just have to be creative. apparently the airlines are not yet charging for napkins. so what you do, is you bring a sewing kit onto the plane and ask for 500 napkins! or, if you are sitting next to the giant overweight guy who is always on the plane sitting next to me, you just pull some of his gut over the top of you. 'can i use your belly button as a cup holder? thanks'.'
+ craig's spanish word of the day: manta- blanket!
- carrie fisher
- donald glover

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