+ 'the winter olympics is not the only crypto fascist event this weekend', craig ferguson shares, 'because on sunday its valentines day. and just in case men need a reminder of this, there is a movie opening called 'valentines day'. everywhere i look valentines day! valentines day! i leave the house to go to work- valentines day! valentines day! there is another movie opening today though that i'm very excited about. its a scary movie, its called 'wolfman'. so you can guess which movie i'm going to see- valentines day! you know, this is a classic example of the studios using their evil powers to destroy relationships. ladies, of course, any that i know (one in particular), want to see valentines day. but i want to see wolfman. there hasnt been this conflict since 'must love dogs' opened the same day as 'the michael vick story'. and most men i know would rather see wolfman. but if they really want to see a movie about a big creature with giant teeth, you can see valentines day because julia roberts is in it...'
+ criag's spanish word of the day: hombre lobo- warewolf!

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