geoff peterson's new voice(s)

does geoff sound a bit different to you? well, there's a reason for that! craig recently spoke about the temporary change in geoff's voice: 'i'm a little worried. i dont know if you are aware of this, but geoff is undergoing some repairs at the moment, so we are trying out various different personality chips for the next two weeks. so geoff will not necessarily be his normal self tonight.' later craig ferguson explains 'a lot of people have been asking me recently 'whats going on with geoff? something's going on with geoff? we want old geoff back!' look, old geoff will be coming back, but the thing is that essential maintenance is being conducted on geoff's innards, and so every night for the next two weeks he will have a different personality.' it seems that geoff's usual voice is gone for a while and there will be a rotating collection of people stepping in to voice our favorite robot skeleton!
those who have stepped in to do geoff's voice:


Anonymous said...

I need the old Geoff, badly. Can't sleep, eat, or play properly.

John Aardema said...