+ 'its not a great day for texas governor rick perry', craig ferguson shares, 'oh shame. everybody's talking about his performance in the republican candidate debate, the brain freeze he had while trying to name three government agencies that he would eliminate. the media are going cockahoop over this, the pundits are saying that rick perry is as dumb as a post, he's a terrible public speaker, he's an embarrassment to the republican party. now, those things may be true, but personally though i hope he doesnt get out of the campaign. i need rick perry. i need him! i dont want to spend the next year trying to make jokes about mitt romney! what am i going to do with romney?!? take that, romney, you nice haired gorgeous hunk! where the hell can i go with that? look at you with your suit that fits perfectly! anyway, i salute rick perry for the way he's trying to overcome this, today he came out saying hes not one of those slick politicians, this is him just showing his human side, and some third excuse he cant remember...'

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