+ 'when ever i see professional baseball players in action i am very impressed', craig ferguson shares, 'unfortunately though, i live in l.a. and we dont have a professional baseball team, just the dodgers. ha ha ha! am i right sports fans? no really, am i right? i dont know! i do like baseball though, theres something incredibly uplifting about baseball and i'm not just talking about the tight pants. there's an inherent optimism about baseball, its something that could have only come from america because even the best players dont get on base more than about three every ten times. if you can hit 40 percent of the time in baseball you are going in the hall of fame! and then later you get your head frozen and put in a box or something, i dont know what the system is. what i'm saying is that when the batter strikes out he goes back to the dugout and he gets ready for the next time and all the other players are like 'you get up there and get em next time'. and thats an optimism that makes baseball american! do you think a french guy would be like that? strike one! 'oh, i surrender...'.'

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