+ 'today is a very big day for america's sweetheart: regis philbin', craig ferguson shares, 'my friend regis is having his last day on the regis show. i shouldnt call it the regis show, cause kelly ripa is there. they are two great hosts, but lets be honest, one of them is just there for eye candy, and the other one is kelly ripa. i remember i was eating breakfast when regis announced he was leaving, i almost choked on my sausage! and then my breakfast got stuck in my throat too! in new york people actually camped out to see regis' last show. it looked like occupy wall street, but regis' fans are a little bit older, so it looked more like occupy wall mart. regis' departure thought is big news. all day long reactions from the daytime tv stars came pouring in. the women from the view said they were sorry to see regis go, ellen degeneres said she is broken hearted, dr. phil said 'poached eggs in the hand when the chicken are flyin'!' a lot of people think regis is retiring, but hes not retiring. he's just finished with that show. retiring, now a days anyway, means taking some time off then coming back, taking pictures of your penis and texting them! regis would never do that. he would take pictures of his penis, but he wouldnt know how to text them!'

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