+ 'not everybody is having a great day', craig ferguson shares, 'its not a great day for the nut job dictators of the world. moammar gadhafi is in fact no mo mar gadhafi! a spokesperson for the libyan rebels said that gadhafi will soon be replaced by ashton kutcher. it will never work! i dont know, if ashton walks around taking his shirt off all the time it might work! say what you want about gadhafi, no really, you can say what you want, really, whatever you want. its fitting that today was the day that gadhafi got his comuppance. he was a terrible bully. today is of course, spirit day. a day against bullying of all types. people wore purple today in recognition. personally i am wearing a purple tie to support the cause and i am wearing purple briefs to support my junk. there are all kinds of bullies of course, evil dictator bullies, schoolyard bullies, internet bullies, wooly bullys...'

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