+ 'its friday of course', craig ferguson states, 'only three more shopping days until halloween! i've already picked out my costume: i'm going as 'grumpy old man who doesnt give out candy'! anyway, its a very exciting day today, i've been looking forward to it all year. i'm sure you are sick of hearing about it by now, but today is the first day of the rome international film festival. in rome people are running through the streets, drinking and partying, waving their arms in the air! then they heard about the film festival! 'whas a come and a go, itsa movie time!' i've got to be honest with you, i actually dont give a rats ass about the rome film festival, but i do love the city of rome. whenever i think of rome i think of orgies. i know you are wondering 'why? why do you think of roman orgies, craig?' i'll tell you why: because i'm filthy! actually i think of roman orgies all the time, all those writhing bodies, all that exposed flesh, all those shiny helmets rubbing... you know, some times there were women there too!'

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