craig on nerdist!

chris hardwick has been on 'the late late show with craig ferguson' many times.  chris is a nerd and lover of all things nerdy (check out his website for proof!), every time he comes on to criag's show they always end up talking about dr. who and the like.  well, it seems that the bbc has taken notice of chris' obsession because he recently got a show on the bbc america channel called 'the nerdist'.  the show is basically a talk show where chris and his two friends chat about anything that comes to their minds.  it is exactly like the nerdist podcasts (which, by the way, if you havent been listening to those, you better start catching up- they are hilarious!) where  the three of them just basically nerd out about anything and everything.  chris must have wanted to repay the favor because his first guest on the show was our very own craig ferguson!  the two of them talk about everything including the nerdist graphic, craig's recent visit to france, girlfriend advice, and craig's 'muppet' show!  and even, with all that dr. who talk, guess who shows up? matt smith!  craig, chris, and matt have a hilarious interview together!  its obvious that those involved are having a blast i sure hope they make some more of these!

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