+ 'its a big day in new york city', craig ferguson shares, 'its a big day because its the first day of the new session of the united nations.  now, for diplomats this is like the first day of school.  all the big countries pick on the little countries, australia stuffs new zealand into a locker and stuff.  'get into there you little kiwi bastard!'  'how can you tell i'm a kiwi, our accent is so similar!'  tomorrow at the u.n. though, the president of brazil will be the first woman in history to give the key note address.  to mark the occasion, every world leader gets a free brazilian wax!  too bad gaddafi isnt still in power, he could use one!  you know muammar gaddafi today he broadcast an audio message saying that he's still in power, he's just going underground, its just a temporary setback.  i'm like 'yeah sure', just like my local blockbuster video is 'temporarily' closing its doors.  they are not coming back, dont bother returning your video!  president obama addresses the general assembly tomorrow, he's expected to urge the delegates to fight global warming, reduce poverty, and find out what the hell is happening over at netflix.  your welcome five guys who know what the fuck i'm talking about...'

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