+ 'the big movie out today that i'm very excited about is a remake of footloose', craig ferguson states sarcastically, 'yeah, cause it was so fucking awesome the first time around! we're all familiar with the plot of footloose, of course. the elders of a small town ban dancing, then the youth rise up and kill them and clog dance on their heads! the original footloose starred kevin bacon, but kevin bacon refused a supporting role in the remake, he says the part wasnt fully fleshed out, and you want your bacon fleshed out, of course. i think kevin turned it down because he's getting older. when he does that dance with his loose foot, maybe today his foot might actually come off! you know, everytime i do that footloose dance it just looks like i've just got restless leg syndrome. they are really giving this film a big marketing push, its true, they are selling clothing inspired by the film. they've got high heeled red boots and nail polish, and dont worry, they've got something for the ladies too!

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