+ 'you know, the art world has gone crazy', craig ferguson shares, 'there's a new book out tomorrow about vincent van gogh. for more than 100 years everyone thought van gogh had committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest, but this book says it was murder! anyway, the book turns the conventional wisdom about van gogh on its ear. ha ha! see what i did! the authors of this new book, what they are saying, they really did their homework, they say that handguns were very rare in the south of france where van gogh lived. and they ask the fair question of who would give a handgun who was so insane he cut off his own ear? anyway, apparently van gogh cut off his own ear, wrapped it in newspaper, and sent it to his favorite prostitute. the authors believed that this is a strong indication that van gogh was the worst tipper ever! the book says that van gogh might have been accidentally shot by a local teenager. there's eye witness accounts that people saw them drinking together. unfortunately the eye witnesses were all french, and they were mimes!'

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