+ 'not a great day in london', craig shares, 'you know why? big ben, you know, the big ben clock tower, london's famous landmark, the big ben clock tower, its in trouble. surveyors are saying that its leaning to one side and if nothing is done its going to topple over. now, the london skyline is dominated by that tower. just like paris has the eiffel tower, chicago has the sears tower, los angeles has smog and endless douche bags. but technically 'big ben' is the name of the bell inside the tower but a lot of people just call the whole building big ben, which is ok. there's more to that magnificent structure than that big dong. i know how it feels... anyway, the bell inside the tower isnt the original, it was replaced soon after the tower's construction. the original bell was declaired, and i quote, 'porous, unsound, and defective'. so they made it a member of the royal family. personally i dont mind if big ben is leaning, as long as its not a threat to pippa middleton, she's too precious! some people say the shifting of big ben is due to the construction of london's subway, but i think its obvious who's really responsible: lord voldemort! 'i cant believe you said his name!' 'shut up, ron!' how creepy is it that i know all that shit?'

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