+ at the top of the show we see craig ferguson standing with his buddy chris hardwick. 'you probably know why i called you here, chris hardwick.'
'i wish i did, for once' chris replies.
'well, heres the reason why: tonights first guest jason schwartzman was on the way in from new york city but apparently his plane was delayed. so for the purposes of this evening, and perhaps later on when we go for dinner, you will have to be jason schwartzman tonight.'
'oh, really?!'
'yes, this is your big acting opportunity, you get to show the world what a great actor you are.' craig states.
'oh', chris says trying to get into character, 'i am fantastic on 'bored to death'! i sure loved being in 'the royal tenenbaums', bill murray and i had fun traipsing around on 'rushmore'!'
'the thing is though, he might make it, so in which case if he does get here, you can hang out by the robot.'
'so uh, i'm your door prize? is that what i'm doing today?' chris questions
'is that the kind of acting you are going to do? because jason schwartzman is much better than that...' craig states.
'no no no, that was something he said on a thing once'
'really?' craig asks.
'no, i made that up.' chris admits.
'some times i wonder why we're friends, and then you kiss me and i remember...' turns out, jason does make it in time. so instead chris helps out with tweets and emails instead.

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