+ 'right now the CIA is going through all the stuff they found in osama bin laden's compound', craig ferguson shares, 'they say they have found his hand written diary. i'm like 'i had no idea he kept a diary, that is so sweet'. officials say they havent read it yet cause they cant find the little key to open it. the diary has some very interesting revelations, for example osama bin laden's secret desire was to sneak into new york and catch a showing of 'mama mia'. you know what else is weird, he briefly considered joining the cast of 'two and a half men'. theres actually talk of turning osama's diary into a hollywood movie, but the producers need a big name movie star to play a temperamental mad man who hates jewish people. ideas, anyone? apparently osama was quite the writer. you notice how history's greatest mosters always have an artistic side? osama was a writer, hitler was a painter, justin bieber is a singer... its a joke, i'm kidding! i love justin bieber. i dont, but i'm frightened of young people- they scare me with their angry tweets!'

* lawrence block his latest book is actually dedicated to craig and his wife megan!

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