+ 'its not a great day if you are a fan of the circus', craig ferguson shares, 'the members of the families that own the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus are suing each other in federal court. its getting ugly in the courtroom, theres wild charges, outburts, cars with doors flying off. today the judge said 'this trial is becoming a three ring... nevermind.' ringling brothers is one of the old school circus' like i used to go to as a kid. i used to love watching the elephants march around in a circle to the hawaii five-0 theme tune. thats what they would do, it was just two sad animals going around. but new circuses are more like circ de soli, you know the acrobats, the weird costumes, the enya music. circ de soli doesnt use animals though, they exploit a group of creatures even stranger than animals: french canadians! as a kid going to the circus always made me anxious, i used to worry that one of the wild animals would snap its leash and attack the crowd. its the same thing i worry now when i watch 'the view'.'

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