+ 'this is a big weekend at the movies, of course', craig ferguson shares, 'the first big superhero movie of the summer opens today. i am talking about thor. which is incidentally the same thing i say after i work out my glutes, 'oh my ath ith tho thor!' now of course thor is a superhero, hes a mix of types, he's got the strength of the hulk, the courage of superman, and the thick stumpy legs of kloe kardashian. now, for those of you unfamiliar with thor, his signature weapon is a hammer. its awesome though, he has a hammer, he can use the hammer to crush his enemies and celebrate by putting up a bookcase or some shelving. his other super power is that he can change the weather, he's like sexy global warming. but he basically is a god who lives on earth among the humans. now a days we would call that 'oprah'. comic book geeks are very excited about this movie, and i can see why, this may be their only chance this year to see a movie made about comic books, except for green lantern, green hornet, captain america, priest, cowboys and aliens, conan the barbarian, and fucking x-men! you know that thor was originally the norse god of thunder. not of lightning, you see its very unionized. the lightning god was... uh, sparky! and ikea was the god of confusing furniture assembly.'

- will ferrell he brings a gift for craig's new son!

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