+ 'what a great day for britain! wasnt that royal wedding wonderful?' criag ferguson sarcastically cheers, 'it was the wedding spectator event of the year! i am so happy for those two, prince william and kiki wigglesworth. its not too late to get them a wedding gift, they are registered at inbread bath and beyond. or was it bed bath and beheadings? the wedding made me cry, not because i get emotional at weddings, but because now prince william is off the market and i thought i still had a chance! call me romantic, but i have a soft spot for goofy looking english dudes with lots of money. and when i say soft spot i am refering, of course, to the region just below my testicles... the ceremony may be over, but i've still got royal wedding fever! there's only one way to get rid of wedding fever, and its a big bowl of divorce soup. that was too much, i'm just bitter. this wasnt just the biggest wedding of the year, it was the biggest wedding of the decade, no offense kloe and lamar. two billion people around the world watched the wedding today, even al quida guys watched it, they were like 'aw she looks so beautiful, er... um... death to america!' it was a beautiful wedding though, i loved the part where he said 'i do', and she said 'ka-ching!'.'

+ dear aquaman

+ grant imahara stops by to help with tweets and emails

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