no more cussing, craig!

i dont know if i believe it. craig ferguson claims that he is done cussing! 'look, here's some news', craig ferguson states, 'this show is going to be different. i've decided no more cussing and i'll tell you why. this past weekend i went indoor skydiving. i though you would have to go inside a big building and it would be like aah! but its not that, you go inside this room and they have this thing. you put on a special suit and you go into this room and you get blown really hard! they turn on this machine and it goes 'whoo' and you go 'aah!' but i realized, because it was a very exhilerating experience, but i cussed a lot in there! cause i was a little bit frightened, i was like 'cussing! cussing! cussing!' and i have in fact, exhausted my supply. see, i always thought i was kind of like the saudi arabia of profanity, that i had deep reserves of cuss words that the rest of the world was envious of. but aparently i have used up all my source material, i havent even got a darn left in me. so i'm going to try not cussing for an entire show. and if that works... i'll be surprised!'

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