+ 'its a great day if you are a fan of mutinies, and who isnt?' craig ferguson asks, 'it was on this day in 1789 that mutiny on the bounty took place. what happened was that british sailors on h.m.s. bounty threw their captain overboard. now the bounty was a ship that inspired books, movies, absorbent paper towels. the captain was william bligh. anyway, its difficult to be a captain who is respected, you cant just put a captain's had and expect to take you seriously. what happened is the sailors spent a few months exploring an uncharted island in the south pacific and the captain said 'get back on the ship' and the sailors said 'no, we are mutinying!' cause i think they didnt like giving up the idea of sitting on a beach filled with topless women. they are like 'i've had enough of the promiscuous women here in the south pacific, lets get back to england with its repression and bad dentistry', 'actually, lets not!' so what happened is the sailors forced captain bligh in to a rickity little boat with a skeleton crew and left them to die in the middle of the night. i know exactly what that feels like... what i cant believe though is that some of captain bligh's crew actually chose to go with him. they turned down an island filled with exotic women to share a tiny boat with other men. and when those sailors got back to england they wrote the musical 'south pacific'- gunna wash that man right outta my hair!'

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