kangaroo balls at the north poll

who would have ever thought that kangaroo testicles would ever be at the north pole? well, craig ferguson, for one! he recently helped make this strange sight possible! 'regular viewers to this show, or as i call them 'people who dont have cable', will know that i had a guest on called wendy booker who was going to go to the north pole. i said 'oh, you will need a good luck charm to go to the north pole' and i gave her my kangaroo testicles that i kept on my desk. because carrie fisher was in australia, she brought back kangaroo testicles to give me as a gift saying 'well done, there'. and so i used to keep the testicles on my desk. when wendy was going to the north pole i said 'take these testicles to the north pole, they will bring you good luck!' well, she set me this picture! i cant help but notice that these testicles got a bit smaller... which makes me think either they are on steroids in order to enhance their performance, or two: she is actually at the north pole! and i think she is, she's at the north pole here. no sign of santa yet! but there are kangaroo's balls at the north pole. i think we can claim this as a first in the history of the world. never before in the history of the world have a kangaroo's testicles, or any other part of a kangaroo for that matter, been at the north pole- take that, guinness book of world records! the first marsupial testicles to reach the north pole, and that record belongs to me! which makes you my bitches...'

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