+ 'of course its friday the 13th today', craig ferguson reminds, 'so i am obligated to give you my usual warning: if you are a sexy teen camping out by the lake tonight and you think you see a guy in a hockey mask lurking in the bushes, dont worry, its probably nothing. go back to making out in that flimsy little tent. anyway, there's a new movie coming out today, its called bridesmaids. the bridesmaid of course, is a wedding tradition. my favorite wedding tradition is the old lady raps. i dont know if thats a tradition, maybe i just saw that movie while i was drunk. i've said it before, the elderly would not be neglected so much if more of them could rap! i'm just trying to help! a lot of wedding traditions go back centuries, in the olden days people got married based on how much money the bride's family had, today people get married for love or its a reality show or something like that. back in scotland, where i'm from, theres a weird wedding tradition called a 'scramble'. what would happen is that after the wedding ceremony the best man threw the coins from his pockets onto the streets and the local urchins would pick them up. that was my first job, street urchin. i would be down on my hands and knees grabbing around for coins. that prepared me to work here at CBS!'

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