+ 'its a great day for america!' craig ferguson exclaims, 'you all know why, of course. osama bin laden was killed by u.s. forces. everyone on tv has been happy all day, glen beck was crying, then he found out about osama. the media has been going crazy with this, on the left msnbc is like 'president obama saves the world!', and fox news on the right is like 'president obama kills fellow muslim'. politicians on both sides are equally happy. dick chaney said he hasnt been this happy since he saw that youtube clip of the girl throwing puppies into the river. 'ah, thats entertainment!' apparently members of al quida are on the internet right now and they are slamming the u.s. in their chat rooms. i dont know why they are so mad, everyone just got a promotion in al quida. president obama must be really happy, he finally got to take down his arch enemy. i'm talking, of course, about donald trump. last night the president's announcement interrupted, i mean he must have timed it, it interrupted 'celebrity apprentice'! 'well mr. president, its been nine years but we finally got him. when would you like us to announce it?' 'give me a minute, we'll just wait another thirty minutes, i've got an idea...'.'

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