+ happy birthday, craig!
+ 'big news here in california', craig ferguson states, 'today we found out why maria left arnold. apparently arnold fathered a love child back in 2003. i for one am shocked that anyone would be shocked by this. i really dont understand the term 'love child'. i guess love child is nicer than saying 'shh, maria's asleep' child. aparently the woman arnold got pregnant was a former employee, i'm not sure what she did but i think she worked on arnold's staff... now a fancy word for a man that has affairs like this is a philanderer. its like a philanthropist, except you are generous with your penis. its been said that men only think with their penis, but thats not true- i can also stear my car with my penis! strangly i can only make right turns with my penis... anyway, to arnold's credit he has been taking care of the child financially, providing health care and education. the same thing he's been taking away from every other child in california while he was the governer of california.'

+ larry king interviews arnold schwarzenegger

+ craig interviews the leader of seal team six: betty white!

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