+ 'its friday the 13th. oooh!', says craig ferguson, 'a couple big movies opening today, eat pray love is one. it stars julia roberts. its a chick flick in which julia plays a modern woman on a journey of self discovery. i can relate to that, i went on a journey of self discovery once, i was about 13 years old... i was up in my bedroom... what i discovered changed my life forever! i'm talking about masturbation is what i'm saying. i'm not sure i could handle eat pray love, its too scary. i'm not kidding, even on friday the 13th, cause its a movie about eating starring julia roberts. now, julia roberts is a lovely woman, a great actress, but she has over 900 teeth! its true! when you feed her you have to keep your hand open- just ask her personal chef nubby!'
+ chris hardwick stops by to help out with tweets and emails!!!
+ murder, she wrote 2010. featuring alfred molina as sherlock holmes

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