+ 'it was on this day in 1173 that construction began on the leaning tower of piza', craig ferguson informs, 'it was named after the town in which it was built, of course, the town of leaning in italy. it was never supposed to be called 'the leaning tower', i mean, its not the italian architects go 'hey, lets-a build a tower that-a leans over! it'll be-a crazy!' thats right, italian architects at that time liked to talk like super mario... the tower leans like that because its built on a crappy foundation. no, its true. then the soil was even crappier. its stupid, almost as stupid as building a giant city on a major earthquake fault! anyway, in honor of the leaning tower of piza, tonight is our salute to bad architecture. the leaning tower of piza actually started leaning during its construction. they were on the third floor when somebody was like 'hey, how-a come my tutsie fruitsie ice-a cream is a drippin on-a the floor? its a rolling downa the floor!' then they were shocked when they discovered that the tower wasnt straight. just like i was when i heard about ricky martin'.
+ summer livin' with sean connery

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