craig ferguson hosts shark week!

one topic that craig ferguson loves to talk about regularly on his show is his love of the discovery channel's shark week. well, this year they invited craig to come down and host a special for them during shark week! for some foolish reason, craig took them up on that offer! the special that he hosted is called 'shark bites: adventures in shark week' and it recently premiered on the discovery channel. during the special craig spends some time getting ready to go under and swim with the sharks. as he shares his fears and excitement, he shares some horror stories of those who have gone down before him and havent fared so well. when craig finally goes down he gets to swim with some of the smaller sharks in the caribbean, and even goes down to feed the bull sharks! yikes! it was a pretty cool special and we get craig's humorous take on all the exciting aspects of being among these awesome beasts. they have the whole thing online, so check out the special yourself on the discovery website here!

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