+ 'tonight we have on the show morgan freeman', craig ferguson informs us, 'he's here to promote his new show on the science channel. anyway, when i heard morgan freeman was doing a show called 'through the wormhole' i thought morgan freeman is making a show about worms. but he'll make them interesting, like he did with penguins. 'get busy livin, or get busy... squirmin'. well of course, wormholes have nothing to do with worms, a wormhole is basically a shortcut between space and time. its a way to get from one section of the universe to another quickly. as i get older i wish there was a wormhole between the kitchen and the bathroom! wormholes are just a theoretical construct, there is no proof that they really exist. its like bp's safety plan. but since wormholes cant be proven, some scientists say that they cant exist. which proves one thing: scientists dont know what the fuck they are talking about. let me give you an example, some scientists, most conventional science, the conventional wisdom in physics and astrophysics right now, in all science, is that we will never be able to travel faster than light. they say it will take too long to get to the nearest star in our solar system, the closest star is proximus senturi, which is a dwarf star, but i think it likes to be called a little person star... i look forward to your letters... it is 4.2 million light years away and going there at sunlight speed would take too long. now i'm going to say something controversial here now: i say that some day we will be able to travel faster then light. i dont know when we will be able to do this, probably not in my lifetime, i'm nearly 30 already. what i'm saying is that all scientists say this through out history. they said 'oh, we will never be able to travel faster then sound', then chuck yeager is like 'boo yaa!'. scientists said that sexy was gone forever, then justin timberlake brought it back... alright, i dont know if that one has been entirely proven...'
+ larry king interviews arnold schwarzenegger

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