+ 'its a great day for a guy in fresno, california', craig ferguson shares, 'why? i'll tell you why: cause he gets to live in fresno! the shangri-la of central california... but this guy in fresno found very valuable stuff at a garage sale. this is a true story, the guy found these photographic negatives wrapped in an old newspaper and bought them for 45 bucks. it turns out they are pictures by ansil adams and they are worth 200 million dollars! well that got your attention! with that kind of money you could buy a lot of crap at garage sales! if you dont know ansil adams, he is famous for his black and white photographs of the american west. the photographs found in the garage sale were of yosemite and san fransisco. you never know what you are going to find at a garage sale, actually thats where cbs found me. i enjoy going to garage sales, looking for old furniture, peeking inside a strangers drawers, rummaging through their junk... i love the feel of a dusty old box. classy show tonight, isnt it? if i was at a garage sale and i found something valuable wrapped in newspaper, i wouldnt be that smart. i dont have the eye for it. i'd be like 'oh, how much do you want for that lovely old weird looking thing over there?' 'how dare you, thats not a weird looking thing, thats my wife! twenty bucks.' 'can i pop her in the trunk?' 'that will be forty bucks!' you know what i think is awkward is when i see people drive buy a garage sale and they kind of slow down, they look at the stuff, and then they dont stop, and they keep going. its like they are saying 'everything you have accumulated in your life is not even worth me getting out of my car'. people sometimes sell things that have been in the family for years, i'd love to sell some things that have been handed down in my family, but theres not a huge market for bitterness and disappointment and womanly hips.'

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