+ 'it was on this day in 1948 the very first episode of candid camera aired', craig ferguson informs us, 'now if you dont know candid camera, it was the first hidden camera tv show. it was the punk'd of its day. it was created by a guy named allen funt, he was the ashton kucher of his day. you know whats weird? when allen funt created candid camera he was dating demi moore! anyway, candid camera started on ABC in 1948, then within a year it moved to NBC and then to CBS. back then tv shows switched networks all the time, today of course that would never work. call me, any other network... anyway, candid camera was really just like punk'd, except the pranks werent done on celebrities, it was done on regular people, and it was done back when people were still black and white. so a guy would realize he was being filmed by a camera hidden inside a giant gramophone thing, and he'd say 'say mac, whats the big idea?' and allen funt would come out and go 'smile! you are on candid camera!' then the guy would be like 'why you chuckle head, i aughta...' and then they would make out. i made up that last part, they didnt make out. allen funt also did some candid camera spin-offs. he did a version for HBO called candid candid camera and it had naked ladies in it. ooh! that got your apathy going, didnt it everybody! then he did a version called candide camera where he pranked a copy of voltaire's 1759 satirical novela. you're welcome five people in the world who got that...'

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