+ 'its a great day if you like the wrestling', craig ferguson shares, 'its hulk hogan's birthday today, happy birthday hulk hogan. he's 57 years old today, he's getting up there but he was wrestling last year! he put on an amazing performance, people said they havent seen an old guy pin someone like that since larry king's honeymoon. i think hulk hogan should keep wrestling, he's still huge! but he weighs 25o pounds, hulk hogan, now remember 60 pounds of that are moustache, but still! to pull off a moustache like that you have to be a professional wrestler, or the leader of a gay motorcycle gang. i look forward to your letters, and the terrible beatings. hulk hogans real name is terry bolea. its not even a really tough guy name. its one of those names where you cant really tell if its a man or woman, like alex, or pat, or ryan seacrest. thanks to hulk hogan wrestling really took off, he was one of the innovators. there are a bunch of wrestlers who went on to second careers also: dwayne 'the rock' johnson became a movie star, jesse ventura was elected governor of minnesota, that was great, except for minnesota... i'm glad here in california we would never elect a muscle bound freak as a governor. that would never happen out here!'
+ betty white stops by to share some fire safty tips

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