+ 'it seems like theres a big gay thing going on', craig ferguson notices, 'theres the gay republicans gathering, prop 8 getting overturned, and then today the movie 'step up 3D' is coming out. its a great day for gay america, i'll tell ya! all you need now is a sale on bed skirts at pottery barn and you'd be in heaven! i'm very excited though for the new step up movie, its the third in the trilogy. first there was 'step up', then its sequel 'step up 2: tokyo drift', now its this one, 'step up: 2 feet 2 furious'... anyway, step up 3 picks up right where step up 2 left off, with me coming out of the theater wearing spandex and a sweat soaked head band! now i'm not even sure what the plot is on these movies, but im sure its a good bet that there will be some moves busted, and some hippin and hoppin, and some popin' and lockin'. poppin' and lockin' and poopin'. by the way, if you are ever in germany and need a law firm, call poppin' lockin' and poopin'. the movie is in 3D, which is awesome, having a dance movie in 3D, there will be jazz hands coming right at ya!'

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