peabody award winner!

this news announced by wavey the crocadillio. 'hey, whatado everybody? hey, guess what? this show has just won the peabody award for excellence! now, i know a lot of you are thinking 'whats a peabody award, wavey? is that some sort of puppet based award for a tv show? no sir, no sir! the peabody award is the most prestigious award that is available to a television broadcaster. it makes the emmy look like an emmy. 'are you saying the emmy is a crap award?' yes sir. he he he. how bad? well, not as bad as a fucking golden globe, but bad! anyway, the peabody is an awesome award, its usually given to good shows! and this year is was given to this show. which makes me think that the people at peabody have lowered their standards. i mean, come on. look at this place. well, i do know that this is the second time craig ferguson has gotten the peabody award. the first time being at sleep away camp when he was 10, but i do believe that was for a completely different endeavour. however, i just want to say on behalf of everyone here at this show, we are delighted and honored to be considered a... show. and let me just say, that if we ever get any other awards like an emmy or golden globe, we will no longer say they are shit. whatado everybody!'

craig won for his interview with archbishop desmond tutu (you can read his introduction of tutu here). read more about the award winners here!

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